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Message par light le Sam 20 Mar - 2:54

Like a Star @ heaven hello everybody
I am so sorry
i know I am late but be sûr this was my connexion Sad

First , i want thank you for your participation
Then i want explain more for this corner, we all know that 90% of the internet is in english so i propose the "terminology" corner where we can put all the translations of the "medical" words
"princesse"! i was good in english and i love it as a language but now i have nothing in my mind and i am sûr i wrote a many mistacks here (please correcte to me) so this will help us i hope
Like a Star @ heaven

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Message par Menhunter le Sam 20 Mar - 12:21

Here are some words we translated last time

Osler :
artère = artery
veine = vein

bilinda :
maladie= desease
tumeur= tumour
lèpre= leporsy
lépreux = leper
ventre= tummy
comprimé,cachet,pilule= pill

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